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1and1 Review

Top WordPress hosting providers features and prices comparison for Spain centric websites.

  • Easy Installation
  • Managed Hosting
  • Unlimited WordPress pages
  • Unlimited SSD disk space
  • PHP 7 Support
  • DDoS protection for greater security
  • Automatic security updates
  • Pre-installed plugins
  • 24/7 support
  • SSL Certificate Included
Starting From 6.80 € month

Learn how a dedicated wordpress hosting boosts page speed [1&1 Hosting Review] Wondering which is better for your blog, wordpress hosting or a shared hosting service? We have used BOTH, and in this article we will tell why a wordpress hosting service is better for hosting local Spain-targeted websites

Spain is currently witnessing a tech boom. People are flocking towards website creation and apparently their favourite content management system (CMS) is wordpress. The reason is simple, three-fourths of the world’s websites are powered by that CMS platform alone. But they often get confused about the type of hosting to buy for their websites. There is an abundance of hosting types available to the users including cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPNs, and dedicated hosting services. On the lower end of the spectrum, you will get shared vs wordpress hosting services. Most starters prefer shared hosting because it is low cost and they can later scale their websites if the need arises. Though it’s valid that shared hosting services fare better for starters, but now as most websites in Spain are powered by wordpress, the hosting services providers have started providing dedicated wordpress hosting services. These are far better than shared hostings because of their distinct features such as SSD-powered wordpress-only servers that power them, and the pre-installed plugins that improve caching and page speeds. Still not sold on the idea, right? Same happened with us, until we tested 1&1 hosting by ourselves. Here is the review of it. The 1&1 hosting is Spain’s number one wordpress hosting service provider. It has datacenters spread across US and Europe, and has a staff of over 7,000 employees.

Why use a wordpress hosting service? Convince me!

  • WordPress isn’t pre-installed
  • Migration to wordpress is painful
  • Limited support for plugins like woocommerce
  • No SSL Security
  • No page speed optimizations

In short, a shared hosting isn’t carved for hosting wordpress powered websites.

What wordpress hosting services bring to the table? [Features]

Here is the complete list of features of 1&1 wordpress hosting service that we tested:

Maximum DDoS Protection

1&1 hosting provides ultimate protection against DDoS attacks to your website by limiting access to it, and making it a user-convenient option. This feature isn’t available with many wordpress hosts.

Astounding Customer Support

1&1 hosting is known for its remarkable customer support throughout the world, and an evidence of that is its 15million customers.

Stress-free WordPress Migration

When migrating to 1&1hosting, you only have to file a ticket, and the customer support will take all the responsibility of migrating your website to their servers. Now that’s called one-and-one support.

Software updates on auto-pilot

Tired of updating wordpress every time a new version is released? Sometimes that can even ruin your databases. No worries anymore though, as 1&1’s wordpress hosting service has taken care of that as well.

Get Pre-installed Plugins

On a wordpress hosting service, you get pre-installed plugins for page speed, ranking-optimizations, and enhanced caching. No need to download and install hefty plugins that drain the juice out of your site.

Advantages of using WordPress hosting

With the features outlined, you must be craving to know how a wordpress hosting service can benefit your blog or an ecommerce store. So, without further ado here are its advantages:

Get higher rankings for local searches

Google’s new guidelines are out and they have boldly marked that locally hosted sites have an edge over their global competitors in country-specific rankings. This is a big edge for blogs hosted on Spain IP hosting. Start your journey with 1&1, best Spanish wordpress hosting, today then.

Witness blazing-fast speed

All 1&1 servers use SSD-storage units. SSDs are 200 percent faster than HDDs and can make data fetching a breeze. That’s one benefit of wordpress-based hosting and one more reason to move to it.

Decreased cost of hosting

A wordpress hosting service costs even less than the lowest package of a shared hosting service, and provides double the value.

Impeccable SSL Security

A regular SSL license can cost you around a couple of dollars. But with wordpress hosting, you get it for virtually zero price.

Save time and money

The wordpress hosting provides you with a complete setup including installing wordpress, setting up of relevant plugins, providing a dedicated Spain IP, and adding SSL security. That’s almost 60 hours of work saved.


Hence proved, wordpress hosting services are your best bet when launching your website for the first time in Spain. Because these save your time, money, and drastically improve the page speeds of your websites.

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