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Top WordPress hosting providers features and prices comparison for Spain centric websites.

  • Pre-installed applications
  • Data center in Spain for fast website speed
  • 30GB SSD Space
  • Firewall
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Free technical Support
  • Unlimited transfer
  • 500 email accounts
  • 3 month trial
  • Free domain
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Learn why WordPress hosted websites lead to more conversions [Sered Review]

More than 50 percent ecommerce stores are powered by WordPress in Spain. We did a study on these stores and found that the type of hosting people use has a drastic impact on user conversion rate. Of the sites studied, websites hosted on WordPress dedicated hosting had a 25 percent higher conversion rate than websites which weren’t using WordPress dedicated hosting. The reason is, WordPress hosting services are much faster in comparison with shared and dedicated hosting servers. They are built just to empower WordPress blogs, sites and ecommerce stores, and drastically impact website rankings, traction, and leads.

How can a WordPress hosting solution help you?

While finding a WordPress hosting is great, but if your target market is country specific, then you should opt for getting the Best Spanish WordPress Hosting that’s optimized for local searches. For Spain, a Spain IP hosting service will tremendously improve your chances of ranking higher in organic results. With that said, we tested our own sites on Sered WordPress hosting, a Spain-based hosting service provider, to check what’s so new about it and were completely stunned with its features. Here is brief list of the features of WordPress hosting service provided by Sered hosting solutions.

Free and Painless Migration

Get stress-free WordPress Migration by Hosting provider for both ecommerce stores and blogs. Where you will spend days to back up your data and re-upload on a new hosting platform, the engineers at Sered will do that for you for free.

Limitless Storage Options

Sered uses SSD-based storage servers to provide users with fast, and limitless storage. The limitless storage is great for ecommerce stores, enterprise websites, and even huge portals that need to host a lot of data.

Pre-installed WordPress and Plugins

On a typical shared hosting, you will have to install WordPress and then its related plugins before you can launch your website on the new host. But on a WordPress hosting server, this all comes pre-installed. And, if accidentally you ruin your WordPress website for some reason, then no worries. Sered will automatically restore it because they keep backups of all your data.

Unmetered Bandwidth

One more point to note is of Unlimited Bandwidth hosting. This means any number of users can visit your store at a single time and the website won’t experience any downtime. As a matter of fact, the Sered prides itself in having one the highest uptime rate in Spain.

Unlimited subdomains

Need a lot of subdomains to present your products? Making a new landing page? All is now possible with unlimited subdomains’ features provided by Sered.

Daily backups

Didn’t we say, Sered is your backup partner? Even if you forget to back up your own website, they will do a daily backup for you that you can get from them in case of an accident.

Impenetrable Firewall

And finally, Sered shields your site from cyberattacks by providing end-to-end protection. So, you can solely focus on meeting your business targets.

Advantages of WordPress Hosting

For improving leads to your ecommerce store, what’s more important than making a better ecommerce store is to have a solid hosting server that provides robust performance. With WordPress hosting that’s possible plus you get plenty of features. The highlights of these are:

  • Success at local searches

    If you are targeting the local market of Spain, then you need a Spain IP hosting. Sered makes that possible by providing a dedicated Spain-based IP so your website can rank higher on organic searches. Our tracking showed that the websites hosted on WordPress based hosting can easily appear under 50 searches of google without making any drastic optimization efforts

  • Faster web access

    At Sered, all websites are hosted on top-notch SSD-amplified servers to improve access to your website. As a matter of fact, you get 200 percent swift data access when using SSD-based server hosting

  • Cumulatively slashed prices

    You may think the Spain-based WordPress hosting services are costly, but that’s only in the initial phase. But in terms of long-term thinking, you will get away from buying CDNs and SSL security services, because they come built-in with WordPress Hosting Spain.

  • Establish site in an instant

    Sered offers WordPress cloud hosting service with a complete site builder. The site builder helps you establish site in an instant so that you can start work on your next business idea.

  • Optimized page speeds

    The best thing we found in Sered, which isn’t available in any other hosting service, is that Sered offers you free page speed insights for one year, if you buy the premium WordPress hosting service. That’s great for users who don’t want to subscribe to a paid plugin to just do that.

  • Reduced failure rates

    Most times websites on globally hosted servers fail because there are too many points of connections involved. If anyone of these fails, the connection will be lost. This is a big risk for many that’s why they prefer content delivery network. But on Sered, as the servers are already hosted locally, the failure rates are low.

Final word:

Everybody wants to improve conversion rate on their websites, don’t they? And, the best way to achieve that is by using a reliable WordPress hosting service like Sered.

Get your blog/ecommerce store hosted on Sered for more leads today!

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