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Top WordPress hosting providers features and prices comparison for Spain centric websites.

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited transfer
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Starting From 3.33 € /month

Why Spaniards are leaving wordpress and how to stop them? [A2Hosting Review]

What if we tell you that 80 percent of the WordPress CMS users are leaving it within the first six months of use?

WordPress powers 90 percent of the websites on the internet but of these, almost half the users leave it for better pastures in less than a year because of:

  • Lack of portability
  • Decreased site speeds
  • Shared hosting
  • Painful migration
  • No or limited support

Whether you believe it or not, but majority of these problems are linked to the hosting providers of the website.

And, the concentration of these are at their highest in Spain, where every third wordpress CMS user is shutting down his blog or moving to a better hosting provider.

Thankfully, a few Spaniards have come up with a solution to this problem in the shape of WordPress Hosting Spain. The best Spanish WordPress hosting solution is meant for users who want to keep their blogs running at top speeds and don’t want to witness any downtime.

We are talking about the folks at A2Hosting. We used their service for our own wordpress blogs and the performance results are just off the charts.

Comparing A2hosting WordPress Hosting Service with Share Hosting

The wordpress-based hosting services are drastically different from their shared-hosting counterparts. The reason is speed. This is the first thing you will notice when you migrate your blog to a wordpress hosting solution as the servers for hosting wordpress websites are tweaked for peak performance. They remove all the mess that can have an adverse effect on the websites’ speed. Second reason to choose them is because of their painless support system that can migrate your website to the new host within just a flick.

Features of A2Hosting

Here is the complete list of features of A2hosting wordpress hosting service:

Servers with Nitro boosters

A2 hosting has shaved-off everything from their servers to make them adaptive, responsive, and more convenient for the customers.

Unmatched Support System

Where A2hosting completely stands out is its unbeatable support system that solves user problem within a jiffy. As a matter of fact, the company has an average ticket response time of less than three hours.

Hassle-free WordPress Migration

When shifting to A2hosting, you won’t have to make any effort because it [A2] will take care of your migration, setup, and launch on the new server for free.

Complete Money Back

And, if you as the user are still not satisfied with the service of A2hosting, then they will return every single dime that belongs to you.

Commits to 99.9% Uptime

Throughout our period on the webhost, we didn’t observe even a single downtime scenario.

Pre-Installed WordPress Speed Plugins

While it is a hassle to add plugins that can reduce the page loading time of the website, but with A2hosting, these come pre-installed.

Website Staging

Think of it as a version control system but for websites. A2hosting allows you to make a master website that is only accessible to the development team. When the project is ready to launch, this master version will become the final version.

Advantages of using WordPress hosting

Well, to be honest, there are a ton of advantages of using wordpress hosting for your website, but the crème du la crème are provided below:

Win at Local Searches

Google has made it clear that websites hosted on local servers will have an advantage for local searches. The algorithms at the giant search engine are now tweaked for location specific targeting, which means the nearer your data is hosted to the user, the higher your website will rank. That’s one reason to move to a local Spain IP Hosting service today.

Get 20x faster Websites

With free SSD-based servers, A2 can offer 20x faster access to websites hosted on the platform. You will get more eyeballs, more leads and obviously more conversions.

Low price spread

Though the local-server hosts are higher priced than their global counterparts, but long-term costs are a lot less in comparison. Why? Because they won’t need a CDN that can cost you 100s of dollars, nor will they require cache plugins. So, in short, you save more by moving to local website hosting service.

Top-of-the-line SSL Security

The best reason to use A2hosting is because you get Free SSL certificate for WordPress website that too for free.

Rocket-fast speed with A2 accelerator

And the cherry on top, A2 has made an in-house website cache plugin. By using wordpress premium hosting from the company, you get this accelerator for free and will experience a tremendous increase in performance instantly.

Decreased risk of service failure

Disasters can happen anywhere. Recovery, however, depends on multiple factors. With a local server, risk of service failure decreases by 50 percent because the connection points are less.


With all the advantages of A2hosting in front of you, what’s better then to get a wordpress host that automatically optimizes your website for rankings and conversions?

Get the best of the game, grab A2hosting wordpress hosting service today.

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