Starting From 2.17 € /month

Evidalia Hosting Review

Top WordPress hosting providers features and prices comparison for Spain centric websites.

  • Pre-installed applications
  • Data center in Spain for fast website speed
  • 30GB SSD Space
  • Firewall
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Free technical Support
  • Unlimited transfer
  • 500 email accounts
  • 3 month trial
  • Free domain
Starting From 2.17 € /month

Evidaliahost Review – Search for Best Spanish WordPress Hosting ends here

In the current economic scenario, the best way to work in Spain is by starting your own business. And, what’s a better way to start other than tapping into the already rising wave of tech entrepreneurship in Spain? With low costs of website setup, easy hosting and management, and high internet speeds, the best time to start your business is today! And, if you are searching for the best hosting providers in Spain, then your search will end at Evidalia host, a WordPress hosting solution based in Spain.

Evidalia host – WordPress Hosting Provider in Spain

Evidalia host is one of the finest wordpress hosting platforms in Spain with tons of positive reviews. The company was established in 2002 as just a side project, but due to the need of the time, it expanded itself to provide hosting and domain related services. Today, Evidalia host offers high-speed shared, dedicated, and wordpress hosting for users in Spain.

The company aims to scale further by providing cloud-based hosting, virtual private servers, while increasing the number of yearly subscriptions. It also aims to retain existing customers by providing them consistent support and by strengthening its data centers. For that reason, it actively provides training to its customers through blogs, and by publishing user-guides, how-to articles, development tips and more.

Features of Evidalia host:

  • Faster Access with 30GB SSD Storage

    Evidalia host uses SSD-based server storage that lets the users fetch data at lightning speeds from the websites hosted on it. SSDs are made on silicon chips and work similar to a RAM module. Therefore, they are 200 percent faster than a hard drive based storage solution. Whether you need to Backup WordPress a website, or Install WordPress website theme from scratch, its servers can do that in seconds.

  • Ironclad Protection from Penetrators

    Never worry about penetrators again. Evidaliahost offers robust protection for all its hosting services.

  • Superfast Data center

    One reason to get Evidalia hosting is because the servers are hosted in Spain. With local hosting, even if you don’t host your website for the local audience, the internet speed of more than 40MBs is enough to cut the page loading time by 50 percent.

  • 24×7 monitoring

    Further, the host offers 24/7 continuous support to its users for their all hosting-related problems.

  • Free technical Support

    Another notable feature of Evidalia is its free technical support provided to its users. The company goes an extra step ahead in rectifying the problems of its users. Even if you want to move data from your previous host, you get Free WordPress Migration by Evidalia Hosting provider.

  • Unlimited transfer

    No more data hogging with Evidalia host. The company provides unlimited database for wordpress hosting to its users.

  • 500 email accounts

    Who else offers 500 email accounts with one hosting package? Evidalia lets its customers convert themselves into brands. It does that by providing official email accounts to them at all times. 500 accounts at once.

  • 3 month trial

    The company offers three months of trial without commitment. If you liked the hosting, then pay for the first three months, or let the hosting go and don’t pay at all.

  • Free domain

    No need to buy a domain separately, as the Evidalia hosting company offers free domain to its wordpress hosting customers totally free.

Advantages of using Evidalia:

As a local hosting platform, Evidalia has certain advantages over cloud, and global hosting platforms. Let’s read the whole list below.

  • Local IP for Better Search Rankings

    Google now offers location-based search results to users. With a local Spain IP Hosting, you can reach more people who are residing within the same location. With Evidaliahost, that’s possible.

  • Improved page Speed

    Another factor that is a part of both, the UX and the search rankings, is the page speed. By having servers hosted in the same location, the page fetching speeds increase tremendously. This means better user experience and improved rankings.

  • Modest prices

    The prices of most hosting platforms are off the chart. One reason to buy a local hosting solution is because they offer modest prices.

  • Decreased risk of service failure

    Hosting a website with an overseas hosting provider is more prone to service failure because there are increased number of connection points involved. This isn’t a matter with local hosting providers, who host the servers within the same regions.


If you are looking to start an online business, a blog, or an ecommerce store in Spain, then you won’t find a better hosting platform then Evidaliahost. Known for its pre-installed application, fastest server speed, and epic support, Evidaliahost has everything you need to get started.

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